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our Tobacco Shop: images gallery

We show you different photos of our tobacco shop, as well as others taken on the trips made by the tobacco shop's staff to tobacco-producing countries and factories.

These trips are carried out in order to learn the best techniques and advices from the manufacturers. Thus, they enable us to treat the tobacco and its derivative products with the greatest care and in the best possible way to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

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estanco elviria marbella | cohibas

Tobacco plantation

This is where the raw material for the manufacture of the world's best tobacco comes from

estanco elviria marbella | cartones

Stage of drying of tobacco leaves

The tobacco leaves are left hanging to dry and grasp the suitable texture for the manufacture of tobacco

estanco elviria marbella | tabaco

The head of the plantation showing details

We could touch the tobacco leaf when it was dry

estanco elviria marbella las chapas

Employees of the factory separating the leaves

Once dry, the leaves are classified according to their characteristics

estanco elviria marbella | historia 2

Final part of the production process of the cigar

These employees manufacture cigars. They have a lot of practice and it takes just seconds to mount each one

estanco elviria marbella | tabaco 2

More employees of the factory separating sheets

More women classifying dry leaves

estanco elviria marbella flecha gd estanco elviria marbella flecha mi
estanco elviria marbella | habanos

Room where the manufacturing process is finished

Last step of the process. Most qualified staff ends the entire process, ensuring the homogeneity of each cigar

estanco elviria marbella | puritos

Women with covered hair

It is so in order to guarantee the highest purity and quality of tobacco

estanco elviria marbella | diploma


This certificate guarantees the realization of this tobacco seminar by our tobacco shop

estanco elviria marbella | historia 1

Our tobacco shop, twenty years ago

The place looked like this in its early days

estanco elviria marbella | historia 2

Our tobacco shop, ten years ago

Ten years ago were performed in our tobacco shop the first internal and external reforms

estanco elviria marbella | historia 3

Our tobacco shop, nowadays

Photo of the front of the place as it looks today

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